About us

When we first discovered vaping there were were very few flavors available. We were grateful to finally be free from the burden of analog tobacco use but desperately wanted more and better flavor choices. Discovering very few were available at the time, we began to research and develop our own. This quickly became a labor of love and our driving passion. We have invested a lot of energy, resources, time and tears to bring you these juices. We hope you enjoy our efforts!

Oregon Vapor uses only natural USP / food grade ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine derived from plant sources. We source all ingredients domestically and locally. The main component of our liquids is vegetable glycerin. Our VG is derived from palm oil and produced locally by a world-renowned botanical supplier. We offer a very diverse and unique flavor line ranging from simple fruits to complex bakery and tobacco blends. All of our liquids are handcrafted and aged in small batches of 120 bottles to ensure quality and consistency.