Our Lab

Oregon Vapor liquids are handcrafted in our industry leading (ISO-6 class) engineered clean room.

The purpose of a clean room is to regulate the air purity within a manufacturing environment.

Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art hepa filters that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These filters trap particles as small as .3 microns. To put this into perspective, the average human hair is 150 microns in diameter and most bacteria cells are about .5 microns in size. Our filtration system provides 50 plus complete air exchanges per hour and maintains positive pressure within the lab. Positive pressure prevents contaminants large or small from entering the manufacturing area.

All lab equipment at our facility is stainless steel, non-porous and regularly sanitized by professionals who take great pride in their work and our industry as a whole.

Surgical grade scrubs, nitrile gloves, face and hair covers are required to enter our lab.

We go through a great deal of effort and expense to provide the best and cleanest products to our customers. We will continue to raise the bar for this wonderful, lifesaving industry and truly hope you enjoy our efforts.